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Licensed in 10 areas of real estate

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We are licensed in many different areas of the real estate business. As such we are fully qualified to be able to assist you with what ever your business goals may be. We can assist in everything from property purchasing to job placements and insurance.

Professional and Talented Team

Skiholic is a unique company in that we are legally qualified to work in many different areas of business. Most companies only specialise and offer one service. Our unique company can help you with all aspects of your business, and as such we can always be there for you to help your business grow in Japan.


Let’s not forget why we all do this. We are just like you, real skiholics. We were born and raised in the snow so we understand your passion. Our shared love of winter sports means that we understand the markets you wish to target so we are on the same page from the start.

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Yukio Kanda
Yukihide Kanda
Akane Kanda
General Manager of Sales & Planning
Tomomi Itoh
Sales Development Manager

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Registered Company Name

Team Skiholic® Corporation

Trade Mark

Team Skiholic® #5771828 (Japan) / #1715076 (Australia)


Yukio Kanda

Date of Establishment



7,000,000 Yen


2469-32, Furumi, Shinano-machi, Nagano-ken

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