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We can help you with many aspects of your business. From purchasing property to acquiring the correct insurances and licences to make sure you can legally operate your business. We are also available for marketing and general business consulting. We can help you build and grow your business here in Japan.

Real Estate

We can help with purchasing and registering a property and all the legal requirements that must be met for inbound and Japanese businesses.

Property Asset Management .

Consulting for overseas investors.

※Registered License : Niigata Governor(1)-5259

Business Consulting

Consulting with regards to business management in Japan.

Assistance building renovation, vehicle rental/purchase and insurance.

Assistance with local government requirements & licences. Help with insurance for property and business.

※Approved Minister of Health, Labor & Welfare #15-yu-300120

Job Placement

We can assist in the hiring of staff & management for customers who have invested in property in Japan.

We can introduce talented workers who have worked at top-Japanese companies in Nagano & Niigata.

Find staff through the governmental job placement network.

※Approved Minister of Health, Labor & Welfare #15-yu-300120


Questions Team SkiHolic® are often asked

It is not easy for foreign investors to purchase a property in Japan. The biggest problem is that almost no Japanese agent can handle the deal/contract in English because of the poor communication capability and experience in the area. The members of TSH have excellent international business capability & experience. Especially our CEO-Yukio Kanda who has worked for E.I DuPont-US Chemical giant for 34 years and has US/Australian University education experience.
It depends on each property, but normally it takes 2~3 months

For example
Accomoddation business:

  • Hotel license(include alcohol license) approved by Fire&Health Dept.
  • VISA
  • To buy car/set Japanese bank account for resident VISA
  • Hire empoyee for working VISA

TSH can assist you to acquire what you need with associated local Adm. Screvenor

Yes. TSH has contacts with local building teams-builders/plumbers/electric/fire related etc.

They understand local issues and have a strong relationship with local governments

For example;
Local suppiers-electricity/public water/Gas/Kerosene/food etc.

TSH can assist to introduce all of these.

Yes, you can. However, hopefully you should try to get a Japanese empoyee. TSH will introduce you to potential staff through our “Job Placement License”.

It all depends on each property. However, The cost will be much lower than the well-known places like Niseko/Hakuba/Nozawa etc. Most investors seem to misunderstand the preferable location this area offers. The key points are:

  • How the infrastracture is good with Shinkansen networks
  • How the high elevation guarantees good quality/quantity of snow
TSH has vast experience with English based businesses and a very talented business team. We are capable of dealing with every issue you will encounter so much so that our customers refer to TSH as “Mr. Fix it” due to the extensive help we are able to provide.

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