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SkiHolic® Accommodation by TSH

SkiHolic by TSHが通常宿泊施設として新装開店

Located at an altitude of 900m and 3 minutes from the nearest ski resort (Tangram Madarao) and close to all other resorts, the contemporary Skiholic® Accommodation is a great place to stay all year round. Suitable for families and groups we offer a unique B&B style self contained accommodation.

With a large kitchen and dining area you can prepare your own meals or eat out at local restaurants that we can recommend to you. Our living room features a large roaring wood burning stove and TV featuring Netflix, CNN, BBC etc.

Our clean and comfortable rooms and beautiful bathrooms make the SkiHolic Accommodation a great place to stay for everyone!

Features of our new renovated accommodation

New cheaper room rates (格安な料金):2つの和室も有り

① 3 Twin rooms with 2 single beds and 1 extra bed + unit bathroom. (3ツインルーム = 2 シングルベッド +1 エキストラベッド + ユニットバス) 23,000円

② 1 Quad room with 2 single beds and 2 extra beds, no unit bathroom. (1クワッドルーム = 2シングルベッド +2 エキストラベッド) 20,000円

③ 2 Japanese style rooms, max of 6 people (2和室) 30,000円

  • Please select type ①~③ when booking (①~③でお選びください)
  • Prices are negotiable for stays of one week or longer (1週間以上の滞在については料金は相談に応じます)
  • Price per person is negotiable (お一人様の料金は相談に応じます)

Others (その他)

  • Free cooking equipment (調理器具使用無料-電子レンジ/コーヒーマシン等無料)
  • Free BBQ equipment (BBQ器具(炭含む)無料)
  • Please buy food ingredients yourself in advance (食材は事前ご自身でお買い下さい)
  • Same rates in winter season due to high room heating costs(冬期も暖房費加算のため夏季と同料金 )

Feature of accommodation (当施設の特徴)

  • Located at an altitude of 900m. No need for any air conditioner in summer (over 10°C temp difference vs Tokyo) 標高900mにあり夏でも冷房不要(東京と10℃の温度差)
  • Contemporary building designed & constructed by American architect & builder/large rooms (アメリカ人設計/施工のモダンな建物の大型室内)
  • Enjoy cypress communal bathrooms (檜風呂を楽しめる)
  • BBQ Tent/table/chair made in Italy (イタリア製のBQQテント、テーブル、椅子等)
  • Enjoy Belgium wood stove & Youtube/Netflix/BBC etc. with big TV(ベルギー製暖炉と大型テレビでYoutube/Netfilx/BBC等を楽しむ)
  • Outdoor swing on a tree and indoor hammock (子供が喜ぶ木からつるしたブランコと室内ハンモック)
  • Enjoy water-sports at Nojiiri Lake (10min by car) & Japan Sea (40min by car) in green season (夏季の野尻湖(車で10分)と日本海の旅(車で40分)を楽しめる山と水、海の体験)

Beautiful and clean. Double glazed and heated to keep you warm in the winter months. We have various room types and sizes making the lodge suitable for all group sizes.

  • 3 ensuite rooms from Â¥23,000 (per room)
  • 3 Communal bathroom rooms from Â¥20,000 (per room)

Room cost can be divided amongst the group, making our rooms a very affordable rate.



A large kitchen with gas stoves and oven. Plenty of space for you and your group/family to prepare any meal you like at any time. 


  • Free cooking equipment (調理器具使用無料-電子レンジ/コーヒーマシン等無料)
  • Free BBQ equipment (BBQ器具(炭含む)無料)
  • Italian made BBQ Tent/table/chair (イタリア製のBQQテント、テーブル、椅子等)

A warm and welcoming living area with a large Belgium wood burning stove, bean cushions and TV featuring Netflix and other English language stations and an indoor hammock to relax in.



Relax and soak in our newly refurbished cypress wood and stone hot baths after a hard day on the slopes.


Facilities & Amenities

Wifi: Available through out the accommodation.

Indoor fireplace: Wood stove in the living /dining area.

Work space:  Large table area in suitable for work and laptop use.

TV: Large communal TV featuring Netflix and English language stations.

BBQ: BBQ equipment, tables and chairs. Just bring your own food.

Heating: All rooms are fully heated with their own stove.

Toiletries & Amenities: Shampoo, spare pillows and blankets, sheets, towels, soap, toilet paper etc supplied.

Hammock: Indoor hammock to relax in.

Parking: Free parking on site

Bath: Ensuite rooms & communal baths

Tea/Coffee: Free coffee and tea available.

Kitchen: Large fully equipped communal kitchen.

Safety: First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Carbon monoxide detector, Fire alarm (smoke detector) fitted to meet full regulations.

outdoor swing
indoor hammock

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